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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Seen it twice now. Noticed all kinds of nice little details on the second viewing (a nameplate for Admiral Lenard at the Kirk Kobayashi Maru trial scene... Kirk is eating an apple during the actual Kobayashi Maru, which reminds me of Kirk eating an apple in the Genesis cave in TWoK saying "I do not like to lose".. The quotes, like McCoy saying "Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!" .. that kind of stuff. I'd like to see a thread collecting all the references from the new film to the old Trek soon when more people have had a good look.)

I do have to say some things still bothered me a lot. The Delta Vega scene with the two monsters was just an unnecessary chase scene worthy of later Star Wars films. Scotty's little helper has to go. Spock & Uhura... still not feeling it. And what was Delta Vega doing in the Vulcan sky? And is there now a massive black hole in the Earth's system? Wouldn't that cause all kinds of problems soon? And, sorry to say, still not sold on the whole Vulcan destroyed, Vulcans in exile idea. Although I can see how it can become an interesting storyline in the later movies.

Karl Urban is excellent as McCoy. I really enjoyed his performance. Quinto's Spock is very different from Nimoy's but still somehow Spock. Scotty I did not care for much. And did I say already that his little sidekick has to go?

I hope there is a slower-paced Extended Cut or something on the DVD.
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