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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

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May I ask; what made you register in this asylum?
I just felt like joining a Star Trek web community since I've been a fan of the franchise for quite a long time, I've seen TNG, I've seen the Wrath Of Khan, I also am a fan of the flash parody Stone Trek and am also a fan of Shatner (Denny Cran... I mean Captain James T. Kirk) and with the new movie coming, I've realized I've joined so many fan communities of shows/movies/comics/cartoon titles but not Star Trek (and I'm a member of a Doctor Who forum too) so I decided to join.

I hope I didn't get turn many people off with my thoughts on Roddenberry's opinions on religion.
Star Trek wrote:
Cop: What is your name?
Kid: James Tiberius Kirk.
indeed. (luv that part of the trailer!)

Nope, I think you're ok here - lots of faith based people around! (you did see the religion thread in Misc, right? (I've read your first post in the meantime you see)) -you'll fit right in!

Well, like I said: Welcome!

ETA: I better add this: don't let the current flow of weird avatars scare you away, it's only temporary and there is sort of an explanation somewhere in Misc.
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