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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Scorpion (*****)

It's by no means perfect, and the episode does have a number of problems, but it doesn't really matter because it was a great hour of entertainment. Voyager managed to pull off an episode where there was a race more powerful than the Borg, yet they kept the Borg terrifying at the same time. It's still exciting a decade later to watch 15 cubes overtake Voyager at high speed, and everything about 8472 is cool.

Before Scorpion aired 12 years ago I had lost a lot of interest in Voyager and only tuned in if I could be bothered to remember, but afterwards Voyager became must-see viewing because I had seen the show's potential and I didn't want to miss a single episode in case they reached this level again. That's how good this episode is, it kept me watching through Fair Haven.

It's probably the most ambitious episode yet and it didn't disappoint like earlier episodes on this level, such as Basics. It's even more impressive now that I've learned it was a last minute decision to do this episode as the finale.

Season 3 is over! Yay!
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