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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

I cannot wait....9:55 pm tommorow night

It seems like Those Who Bash Prematurely have only one wish in this world: to see stories they already know the ending to fleshed out on the big (or even little screen)

Yeah that's a great idea...let's re-do "The Cage", shot for shot, line by line...that way, we dare not take any risks in violating sacred Canon...

Why spend so much money and time writing a script and filming a movie that we already know the ending to? Where is the creativity in that? That is not art, that is facsimlie...Honestly, you nitpickers are the most uncreative, boring people I have run across in a long love Star Trek and respect it's supposed continuity (I say supposed because to try to tie together the glaring inconsitancies of "The Cage" and the first season of TOS would take a greater amount of suspension of disbelief than Abram's it the United Space Vehicle Enterprise? Was it launched by UESPA? Should Spock smile as he does in the Cage? Has the "time barrier" been broken? Will we be using lasers? Is it really in the 23rd century, or even earlier (as suggested by Kirk a number of times in the series)

I think of this as a pocket-universe, like with Marvel Comics...right now, it's an offshoot, a sort of self-contained Ultimates version of Star Trek, a stand-alone story that, as the years go on, will eventually become the main continuity...Why cant it be enjoyed as such?

Sorry for getting of track...again, can't wait!!
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