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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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That's actually almost exactly what I have going on - the Klingons and Federation agree to disarm, and the Federation agrees to only have x number of heavy cruisers, and decides it is best to decommission the old Connies and sequentially replace them with Excelsiors, which was what they were probably going to do anyway.
I like to think that the Khitomer Accords did result in genuine concessions from the Federation. It also neatly explains why we don't see any Connies in the TNG era (the BoBW wreckage aside), even though you can't move for the contemporary Mirandas. Maybe the bits and pieces left over from those Connies resulted in the Constellation class, which would work as a cheaper counterpart to the Excelsiors for the deep space jobs.

(They are also forced to decommission all battleships/dreadnoughts - which ultimately gives rise to the Ambassador and Galaxy - battleships/dreadnoughts in power, but with an entirely different purpose.)
And ironically, the destruction of an Ambassador-class ship by their mutual enemy resulted in the full alliance between the Klingons and the Federation.
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