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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

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Well, here's my two quatloos worth. In the case of the original refit we should respect the designers intent,
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but the E-A obviously has some major internal differences so anything goes?
I'd say that the A should at least be arranged the same way as the refit, even if the spaces therein are rather different. If anything, I think the A's internal spaces are 'simpler' than the refit 1701 was. But for me, the warp core is in the same place on both ships.
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As for the deflection crystal, that's something that the vertical intermixer/warp core can, but does not necessarily have to, connect to?
If it's functioning as a 'warp field symmetry' doohickey, I'd say it doesn't have to. If it's doubling as a power converter for the impulse engines, I'd say it has to at least have a line running to it. I again prefer Probert's connected configuration for the sake of 'respect of intent.'
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Also, here's a thought, might the reuse of the TNG engine room suggest that what were seeing here is actually the top of the warp core, near the impulse engines? It looks somewhat like what was intended for this area all along, and the two conduits leading away at angles toward the aft could be heading to each impluse engine?
Well, the TNG TM makes it pretty clear that what we see in TNG engineering is at the middle of the core on deck 36 of the D, so I'd be inclined to put it in the same location as engineering on the refit as well. I don't think there was any original intention for it to be the top. However, one does wonder why the refit setup would have two 'branches' of similar fashion where the original only had one running longitudinally.
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