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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

I gave the movie an excellent rating, because it's freaking excellent. Here's my review I posted in another thread:

They did a great job at making the Enterprise feel big. On the inside the sets are big, and engineering was huge. The Enterprise also didn't maneuver like an xwing or fighter ship. It moved like a huge cruiser.

The outerspace scenes were also really great. I thought Star Wars Ep 3's opening scene over Coruscant was the pinnacle of space scenes in movies, but it's now been supplanted. There wasn't any battle between fleets like that, but as far as spaceships in outerspace, Star Trek now owns that territory. I mean, it was beautiful to see.

It also was futuristic. It basically looked nothing like TOS. But they did incorporate all of the old sound effects for the ship, and it actually didn't sound out of place.

The bridge of the Kelvin and Enterprise really seemed like the command center of a large advanced vessel, with various stations communicating and being busy with ship operations. It felt as if you actually needed a full crew to run the ship.

I think they also did a great job at making the Romulans, and space in general, feel creepy and mysterious. When they came across a strange gravity anomaly it felt like a weird deep space mysterious thing. When the Kelvin was facing this huge alien octopus ship it just nailed that feeling of creepy alienness.

Simon Pegg sounded exactly like Scotty, it was eery.

The lens flare actually was pretty ridiculous. I read how JJ wanted to give a feeling like the future was literally bright and shiny and clean and optomistic, and that's cool, but it was just a little too much. Having said that, it was (I think) the only flaw of the movie, and it was minor. The pure awesomeness of that movie simply could not be diminished by something like that at all.

Btw, this most definitely was not an empty-headed summer popcorn flick. It wasn't just Michael Bay 'splosions. The destruction of Vulcan was handled very well. It had a huge emotional impact. The main characters were well developed, and the movie really is about them. Kirk and Spock are the center of this movie, and they're character arcs are done very well.

Most importantly, at it's core this was a Star Trek movie. It wasn't something else pretending to be Star Trek (like Smallville is a teeny angst show pretending to be a superhero show, or BSG was a gritty drama pretending to be scifi). The characters really were the characters we all know and love, the ships were exploration ships, Starfleet officers were intelligent respectable somebodies, and the future was advanced and optimistic.

Honestly, for anyone who doesn't like this movie, I just simply can't understand the way your brain works. I think there's two kinds of people who aren't going to like this movie: those who are close-minded and won't accept any scifi at all, and those who are close-minded and anal about their Trek.

This was just a great movie. Star Trek is back. I hope they make 10 sequels, and spin-off TV shows, and I hope this new Trek lasts 50 more years.
For me, it's all about the spaceships.
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