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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I wonder if Wenger's shot himself in the foot by spending big (for him) on Arshavin. He's got quality, experience and character in abundance, and the difference is plain to see. Are gooners going to wonder why they can't have more players like him?
I'm wondering. Arshavin proves, like all the winning Arsenal sides of the past, that balance between youth and established talent is key. I think it is the lesson that is impossible to ignore from this season. I hope Arsene sees this lesson, and not blame it on the numerous injuries this season. The good news is, the difference between this team, and one that can win things, is a few key players in a few keys positions. And, of course, unloading players who no longer show the desire like Adebayor. Thanks for all the goals last season. Good bye.

Wenger doesn't need to leave. I remember the years before him too clearly to say something that mad. And replace him with whom? And at this level, there are very few out there who could guarantee success. And none I can think of who could put out a team that can play Arsenal Football, stay in the Top 4, challenge for the Champions League every year, without breaking the bank.

Arsene does need to learn a bit of flexibility with his youth policy.
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