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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Week 15: (Ending 04.18.93)
DS9: Vortex (Airdate 04.18.93)

Okay, so DS9 hasn't made much of an impression for over two months now but it's the only new Trek this week, so I may as well check it out and- Oh, man, the beginning looks like another Quark-centric episode. May as well just tune out and- Huh? I should stay tuned? But why, it doesn't look like- Hey, this is actually about Odo and his origins. Hm, now this is interesting. Say, this is actually pretty good.

See, now this is how a new franchise show should be using its solo time while TNG is in re-runs, not using silly fluff like Move Along Home. S1 probably wouldn't have gotten the nasty rep it did had they slotted Vortex in that March sequence. Instead, it was quite the gulf between quality episodes that could draw in an audience.

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