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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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You've got to remember that this is a very, very young team.
A young team that will hopefully be undergoing a serious clear out in the summer. Once again, when it really mattered, Arsenal have failed to deliver.

We blew the Champions League final by throwing away the lead against Barca. We blew the league by throwing away leads against Man U and Chelsea last season. We blew the FA Cup by throwing away a lead against Chelsea at Wembley and we've blown the Champions League this season by just not showing up.

Until we have a core squad of players who are not lazy, spoiled children who earn too much money at too young an age we will never win anything again. None of them care. They're all on ridiculous money whether they win or not. At least the players at other clubs on similar money are older and have delivered in their careers.
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