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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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The rules regarding the use of time travel aren't all that hard. Just because something happens doesn't justify the use of time travel to fix it. However, if an incident happens due to some sort of temporal interference, then it is justfied to use time travel to resolve the situation.

Nero time travelled, intentionally or not, and caused all kinds of havoc. Spock is more than justfied in using time travel to prevent that situation from happening. Written properly, Spock would know that, and would immediately begin his calculations for the proper time jumps.
I do agree with you on your points and I do believe that some of your arguments agianst this movie is justified, however I can say that this bieng an alternate timeline, even if Spock did travel through time to fix things he wouldn't be able to because he would be fixing the wrong timeline, one in which the TNG era is probably different and Romulus may not explode. If he goes back to before Nero destroy's the Kelvin then the timeline is maintained and Romulus still explodes, so what is acomplished, but an endless loop. I can't say this enough, all they would have had to do is an origin story in the current timeline and placed it before Kirk is Captian. I will still see the movie and I think it's going to be good , but I do wish they would have took a different aproach. Personally I would like to see a movie or tv. series based on Pike as Captian and lock in Greenwood, he's an awsome actor.
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