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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Captain April, you have said, for months now, that you don't intend to see the movie. You say more than once in this thread that you have not seen the movie yet. How is it that someone who hasn't seen the movie and isn't voting has nearly one-quarter of the posts in this thread? Let's look:
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I am really interested in opinions from those that had massive reservations about the canon being changed etc etc. What they thought of it, and if JJ abrams some felt were really destroying what they knew of Star Trek?
Well, I am on the verge of eating my vow to never see this thing, thanks to a free pass for tomorrow night's screening combined with a lecture on sales at my broadcasting class that I'd just as soon skip.

I suppose I can placate myself with the assurance that I still intend to never pay to see it.

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I need to get my reviews back up online anyway, so it's appropriate to have a major update.

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^ Predictable.

This is only because, as a self-respecting disc jockey, I hate sales.
More spam?

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I haven't voted yet.
Spam or baiting?

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Don't you have a puppy that needs kicking?

The bulk of your remaining posts thus far seem primarily occupied with talking about some fantasy story of yours which is not the topic of this thread. The topic is, in fact, the movie which you admit haven't seen. The rest of your posts are simply empty spam.

So why are you here? Looks like trolling and disrupting the thread with off-topic nonsense, mostly -- a favorite old trick of yours. So warned.
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