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Re: Just saw "The Cage" on TOSR- Help me out here...the Keeper's voice

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A few semitones apart--so maybe three or four? So three semitones would require that the tape speed be increased by 25%. I think that would be a noticeable difference between what you heard and what you saw on the actor's lips.
At Most three semitones..Most likely less..

I believe the pitch variance to be more like 10-15%...or even less.

Have you ever heard Led Zep's "Song Remain's The Same?" The tape is pitched down just a semitone when Robert Plant is singing those silly high notes.. When played back he sounds pretty silly.

What I suspect they did was redub the Keeper voice at a slightly slower speed on the tpae machine, so that when it played back at sync speed, the pitch would be slightly higher.

It would have to be a small percent, otherwise the lip movement wouldn't line up. As such , the lip movement doesn't line up on a lot of the dialog throughout. Loads of passages were looped. Most of Majel's dialog was looped, as was some of Susan Oliver's dialog.

With the Keeper, I am certain that if they used this technique, they did it in small sections, so that lip sync inconsistancies would be less noticeable.
Ah, so now you are proposing that Throne's existing Cage-recorded dialog actually wasn't manipulatable and couldn't really be salvaged and all his dialog had to be re-recorded in 1966/67 while he delivered it at a slower speed but at normal pitch so that this newly recorded dialog could then be sped up to a higher pitch. Now you're talking. That's plausible. Throne was around and available anyway. But I just don't see how any of his recorded dialog from 1964/65 could have been used.
I'm not proposing that at all. I don't think he recut any of the Keeper stuff, except for the dialog germaine to the two parter. The similarities in inflection listening to the B&W and remastered versions lead me to believe that they took his dialog and redubbed it at a different speed to achieve the pitch. It's actually pretty easy as having a second machine recording. I have worked with Nagra tape machines.. This is relatively simple process.

What do you guys use for on set audio recording for PII?

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