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Re: Just saw "The Cage" on TOSR- Help me out here...the Keeper's voice

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How do you "pitch manipulate?" I understand how Ross Bagdassarian and George Martin had to do it for the Chipmunks and the Beatles respectively. But how would they have done it on Star Trek?
Tape speed manipulation. TOS created so much with something that simple.
Well, if you speed up the tape with "tape speed manipulation" in order to also increase the pitch, then the sped-up dialog wouldn't match the actor's lips. I still don't get how you speed up the sound without speeding up the sound.
At percentages like 5-8% it wouldn't be that noticable. It's not like a chipmunks record where the pitch shift is that drastic.

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But since the speed that The Keeper spoke at didn't change, the speed the recording is played back at isn't what produced the different sound. I believe it's something else.

This was a reply to "number6". Guess I type slow.
It's funny you say that. It sounds slightly sped up to me. I could be wrong, and that's why I speculate that there may be some other pitch process involved. One thing is for sure.. That's Malachi Throne's voice and not Vic Perrin's.

I'm not sure if even primitive pitch shift circuits were easily made without the tape process...But also keep in mind that technology is much more sophisticated today. People can resample and pitch shift things without any kind of audio artifact to give it away. The pitch of the echo and reverb on the Keeper's voice is consistant with a pitch shift. Whether it was done by some kind of "project box" circuitry or through Tape manipulation is anyone's guess.. I believe it was the latter, simply because it would be the easiest thing accomplish, and so many sound effects of that pilot were created with tape speed manipulation and tape echo.
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