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Re: Just saw "The Cage" on TOSR- Help me out here...the Keeper's voice

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You're right about that.. It was only speculated that it was "probably" Vic Perrin.. As an audio engineer, myself, I can tell that it is simply Throne's voice pitch manipulated. You can really tell when you compare the B&W version with the DVD version. The inflections of voice and tone are identical..just pitched slightly higher. It would also make sense from a financial standpoint, having Throne voice the Keeper in the Menagerie when he is speaking directly to Captain Kirk, thereby only paying one actor to voice both parts. The Keeper's voice was pitch shifted to avoid confusion by sounding too similar to Throne, who apeared in the two parter.
How do you "pitch manipulate?" I understand how Ross Bagdassarian and George Martin had to do it for the Chipmunks and the Beatles respectively. But how would they have done it on Star Trek?
Tape speed manipulation. TOS created so much with something that simple.
Well, if you speed up the tape with "tape speed manipulation" in order to also increase the pitch, then the sped-up dialog wouldn't match the actor's lips. I still don't get how you speed up the sound without speeding up the sound.
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