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Re: "That's Me!" Avatar Week? (Silly idea inside.)

trekkiedane wrote: View Post
Nice work!
Thank you very much!

Oh, and I love the aura around K'ehleyr, too.

Jenee wrote: View Post
ok, whatdya think
Looks cool! You kind of remind me of my mother actually, only with darker hair.

jamestyler wrote: View Post
Your pic though reminds me a little of Matt Hardy - but thinner. Considering his female following it might not be a bad thing
Ha ha, Matt Hardy? If only ... But I can see the facial similarities. He's got the same neanderthal forehead as I do. My hair is washed, though.

backstept wrote: View Post
suppose I'll play along for a bit
TheBrew wrote: View Post
I'm in.
Yay! Were becoming more and more. Cool to see you.

trampledamage wrote: View Post
I've got to say though, seeing myself is freaking me out!
thestrangequark wrote: View Post
Me too! It's a bit disconcerting.
ITL wrote: View Post
Yep, I have to agree!
But why? You three look great and perfectly normal to me. There's really nothing you should worry about. But as I said earlier, I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. If it isn't any fun to you anymore, please change it back to your normal avatar.
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