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Re: "That's Me!" Avatar Week? (Silly idea inside.)

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Wow, I love this thread! Thanks to everyone who is participating. You people are just great!

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Anyway, Hi, it's me and NCC totally cheated with the proper photo shots!
Oh, come on, you look fabulous, K'ehleyr!

The reason why I chose this image for my avatar is that it's one of the few pics where I don't completely hate my face. It was done by a friend of mine who's studying photography and did some photos of my band. I like the lighting on this one. But my face ... looks weird. I'm working on something different for the avatar.
Thanks NCC, but I'm still going to work on the lighting

Everyone looks great
Come on Zee and others ~ it's like plunging into a cold sea ~ once you're in it feels really good
Oh for goodness sake it's not that important.
Unless it is really important ~ then you can always email it to me and I'll ignore it again tomorrow.
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