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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

superdeluxe wrote: View Post
I am really interested in opinions from those that had massive reservations about the canon being changed etc etc. What they thought of it, and if JJ abrams some felt were really destroying what they knew of Star Trek?
Well, I am on the verge of eating my vow to never see this thing, thanks to a free pass for tomorrow night's screening combined with a lecture on sales at my broadcasting class that I'd just as soon skip.

I suppose I can placate myself with the assurance that I still intend to never pay to see it.

Mutenroshi wrote: View Post
Honestly, the canon could still happen. With the notable exception of the destruction of Vulcan.
Well, so long as you ignore the bit about how just about none of the characters are the same as we knew them, the technology is all different, yeah, one of the founding member worlds of Federation being reduced to potting soil is such a minor thing.
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