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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

A packed audience!

Good Lord that was awesome! The only thing that really sucked donkey balls was the fact that it ended!

Spoilers, obviously:

The movie begins (and ends at the end of the credits) with the ping noise. There are many noises taken from TOS, btw.The audience is literally sucked into action ( ) as the Narada overpowers the Kelvin. Robau is taken prisoner and the crew could monitor his bio-signs on the main viewer, well until the big red letters TERMINATED appear! George Kirk is in command and orders the evacuation of the ship, including his wife who's in labor. There's a touching scene when George and Winona discuss the baby's name. We officially learn that Tiberius was George's father and Jim, Winona's. The Kelvin crashes into Nero's ship. And I think it crippled it for the next 25 years, until Old Spock appears in the timeline.
Then we skip to a parallel b/w Kirk and Spock, how they grew up. Young Kirk steals the 'vett and Greg Grunberg provides the voice of the uncle via an obvious Nokia placement (JJ, I thought you had an agreement with Apple ) and on Vulcan, Spock is being verbally bullied by his schoolmates. A funny thing though, the scene reminded me a lot of TVH when Spock interacted with the computer (you know, the "nothing unreal exists" scene).
Years later, Pike meets Kirk during the bar brawl scene. He dares him to become a captain in 2x4 years.
The main timeline takes place 3 years later. So this is the year James T. Kirk defeats the Kobayashi Maru scenario (which is Spock's "baby") and eventually becomes Captain of the Enterprise. And no, there is no Farragut in between. Even though we clearly hear Paul McGillion assigning cadets to the Farragut, so it's clearly an alternate reality. The writers know their Trek.

I won't go any further because I think you really should see this movie for what it is: a story that disrupts the timeline we all know by heart but manages to successfully put back eveything into place as it should be. Star Trek feels rejuvenated, IMHO.

- The dynamics between each other. A pure moment of bliss to see them interact. Pine does not impersonate the Shat, he is Kirk. I was bluffed! From the womanizer to the captaincy.
- The ship. Oh my God, she's beautiful. And huge. Hell, even Engineering is as huge as a whole power plant!
- Old Spock. Wow!
- Pike. Damn, Greenwood was awesome. I liked the final scene where he was in a wheelchair (no beeps! ). His admiral uniform was veeeery reminiscent of both TWOK's turtle neck and TMP's white and grey suit.
- Marc Okrand was once again consultant regarding the Romulan and Vulcan languages (end credits).

It ended.

Stay until the end of the credits. You will not only hear the ping noise but also see to whom the movie is dedicated.

Note: There should have been a "Very Pleased" grade, btw. Just for shit and giggles!
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