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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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I have nothing to offer to this thread at the moment ...
other than that I believe the poll should have been made public.
So we see who votes what.
It may have been best in this case not to make it public, as I'm sure M'Sharak doesn't want to deal with any possible lynchings. Plus people are probably more likely to give an honest vote if they don't think they'll be called out on an opinion they don't feel like giving.
I don't know.
As I've noticed from many tv show polls around here, people tend to vote Excellent or Poor long before they've seen an episode. That could easily happen here now.
That's always happened, though, and one just learns to allow for that in reading the poll results. We're not claiming scientific accuracy, or anything, and even the big, professional polls have a built-in margin for error.

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And lets not forget those who hate the movie and have said that they will not see it. Nothing stops them from voting poor now.
That, too, has always happened, and there's nothing you can do to prevent it without making each individual vote subject to approval. (I know I don't want that job. ) Based on results of previous polls, you can figure there'll be eight or ten or twelve automatic "hated it" votes which you're free to count or not count as you see fit.

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In general, I think a public poll is a better, more accurate poll.
But we'll see
I'm fine with it as is, really. People are mostly honest, and if they want to tell how they voted, then they can say so in a post. If they'd rather skip having someone get up their nose about it, then this allows them to remain anonymous. No problem.
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