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Re: "That's Me!" Avatar Week? (Silly idea inside.)

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
Well, I must always use Goofy Grape as my Avatar, but maybe I can think of something....
Oh, I'm sure you can. Let me know if I can somehow help you.

jamestyler wrote: View Post
I'd do it... though it'd pain me to lose the Sisko for a week
Yay, thanks for joining. And don't worry, Sisko will be back.

SPOCKED wrote: View Post
I'm in
Yay again! Cool!

Miss Chicken wrote: View Post
I am in if I can use a 20 year old photo of me.

Or better still - a 47 year old photo of me, I was a real cutie back then.
Personally I'd prefer the 20 years old photo, because that'd be closer to what you look today. But of course I'd like you to join either way, Miss Chicken.

K'ehleyr wrote: View Post
I'm in too. I think it's a great idea NCC-1701.
Aww, thanks, K'ehleyr. How nice of you. And cool to see you join, too.

K'ehleyr wrote: View Post
It would be interesting to see if peoples reactions changed
Yeah, I'd be interested in that myself. Call me pessimistic, but somehow I doubt that we'll really be enough to notice any reactions from others.

Count Zero wrote: View Post
I'm not very photogenic but I'd join in.
Let us be the judges. No, just kidding. Seriously, I don't consider myseld particularly photogenic either, so I know where you're coming from. All the better that you decided to join in. Cool!

RevdKathy wrote: View Post
Yes, of course I'm a teddy bear!
I'm perfectly willing to accept that as the truth.
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