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Re: Does "The Doomsday Machine" Remastered Really Add To the Episode?

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I think the phaser shots by the Enterprise were actually more realistic in Doomsday Machine.
Well, let’s forget “realistic” in the strict sense that you are going by, since we’re talking phasers shot out of a fictional spacecraft. How they compare to real life 21st century laser beams is irrelevant. However, what I am saying is, in most episodes, the Enterprise looks like she is actually shooting destructive energy beams. They convey this by animating a solid line with an overlay of a “glow” that bleeds off the sides. The later phaser shots normally used, with the pulsating energy, look more like what I would consider actual beams of energy.

The phasers in the original cut of the episode look like solid yellow lines with no feeling of force or energy. They have no depth, no dimension and no power. You don’t have to hate them, but the production team had done more convincing phasers before and since.

But the "strafing run" is not consistent with dialogue.

The dialogue indicates that Decker was going to take the Enterprise in and hit the Planet Killer with "full phasers at point blank range".
This does not contradict what is seen. The Enterprise is still firing point blank. Point Blank range doesn’t mean “head on, face to face” it means “extreme close range.” A man can take a gun, walk up behind a guy and fire into the back of his head without him ever knowing the shooter was there. Yet, he just shot the guy point blank in the head.

Since we never heard Decker give the specific course, speed and firing pattern, nothing at all in the dialog tells us a close range strafing run is incorrect. What is the best way to get close enough to fire point blank without being shot down first? You come in from the direction most difficult for the machine to fire toward. It’s the same as killing the guy from behind. From “behind and above” is pretty tough for the PK to adjust and aim. It makes 100% perfect sense. The rendered image can still not appeal to you or not be “what you would have done,” but it’s still valid.

As I said up the thread some, there are a few errors in the new effects, but this isn’t one of them.

, but the strafing run sounds ridiculous
Well, you said yourself that you haven’t seen it yet. Check it out when it airs and then judge. Until then, you’re just assuming it sucks.
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