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I don't want some "realistic" delusional crazy person, enviornmentalist with weather controlling tech.
I'm not sure if you're familiar with the entire Ultimates/Ultimates 2 arc, but Millar's story ends by clearly demonstrating that Thor is in fact Thor (complete with a giant army of Asgardian warriors appearing in the finale to help defeat Loki).
But it was that cocktease in the beginning (among other things) that drove me away from the Ultimates early in its run so I didn't know. I would imagine that it was mandate from the editors handed down to Millar because he doesn't strike me as the type of guy to include something like that in his comic. I'm sure if he had it his way, Thor wouldn't have been the true god of thunder in keeping with the "realism" of the Ultimates.
That's the thing about the Ultimate version of Thor; everyone else thought he was a crazy environmentalist with weather tech. He never doubted it even when Loki was trying to convince everyone otherwise. And to be honest, in a world full of people who can do god-like things, who's really going to believe someone is a god of old? Especially when he's apparently the only one wandering around. It would be like Tony Stark trying to tell people he's really Hephestus.

Personally I really liked the Ultimate Thor. His costume looks a lot better, his personality makes a lot more sense, his views are a vast improvement, and it actually shys away from the campiness that occurs whenever Thor deals with anything Asgardian. It's especially nice because while he is vastly powerful, he's not all Odinpower-ed up to unreasonable limits. He's a blend of the wise tactician and the brute warrior, as opposed to the normal Thor who swings one way or the other in every incarnation.
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