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Re: Does "The Doomsday Machine" Remastered Really Add To the Episode?

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While TOS-R is a mixed bag for me, I prefer the TOS-R version of Doomsday over the original. This is just a case where the new FX were perfect.
QFT - there are episodes where overall, I thought the remastered FX team blew it (The Ultimate Computer for one); but with The Doomsday Machine they hit one oiut of the park. <-- I honestly think they themselves liked the episode so much, they put some unpaid OT into it.
I thought TUC was perfectly fine (I wasn't really dying to see a bunch of new starship designs for the fleet), but the two biggest disappointments for me were Galilleo Seven and Mirror Mirror.

In the first they went overboard with the cheesy green nebula in the background of every shot, and in the second there's that ugly ass purple and green planet that is just distracting as all hell.

I generally love what the team did on the show, but those are two cases where the new effects actually HURT my enjoyment of the episode.
For me, with regard to TUC, I was not really expecting to see a bunch of new ships but I did not like the staging of some of the shots...

The worst shot in Galileo 7 was the shot where the shuttle jettison's all the fuel...I hate that shot (looked like those blobby Klingon disruptor blasts that I can't stand). Otherwise, I can understand why they have the nebula in the shots.
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