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Re: Kim Basinger: Genre babe of the week #18 (Apr. 2009)

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^ Bellucci won the whole thing in 2007. And she was the highest-rated GBOW of all-time until Scarlett Johansson.

Granted, some older women like Virginia Madsen and Patricia Arquette I knew didn't stand a chance as GBOWs. Was a bit surprised about Julianne Moore though. Diane Lane did pretty decent.

Still trying to find a way to get some other ones into competition.

Age has nothing to do with it at all for me. For example I'd give a thumbs up for someone like Raquel Welch today in a heartbeat for example and that woman is 69 years old!! Hell she's a GMILF in my book.

We need to have a mini-bracket of older GBOWs.
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