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Re: Does "The Doomsday Machine" Remastered Really Add To the Episode?

I've seen a clip somewhere of the Enterprise making a "straffing run" on the Planet Killer.

Isn't that badly inconsistent with what is in the episode?

After all, if the Enterprise can make straffing runs, then how does the Planet Killer manage to hit it with antiproton beams. Much less tractor it later on.

I'm fine with cleaning up the FX. Such as the closeup shots of the Planet Killer where it looks transparent and the infamous shot of the Constellation shaking at it approached the machine. Also, though few mention it, some shots of the Enterprise in the episode look transparent as well.

But I don't think they needed to modify the machines look. To me it looks fine. Especially in the distant shots. It looks ancient and for that matter, the maw of it looks like it is glowing with radioactivity.

As for the phaser shots, I think the original were fine. They were made to look puny and ineffective against the machine.

The only change I wanted was to see two extra angles of the Enterprise of the Enterprise firing (in the original we basically see the Enterprise three times in one position).

I wonder if there will be a way in the future for fans to make their own alterations in episodes.

I had some great ideas years ago for "The Enterprise Incident" and "The Ultimate Computer"
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