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Re: Does "The Doomsday Machine" Remastered Really Add To the Episode?

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While TOS-R is a mixed bag for me, I prefer the TOS-R version of Doomsday over the original. This is just a case where the new FX were perfect.
QFT - there are episodes where overall, I thought the remastered FX team blew it (The Ultimate Computer for one); but with The Doomsday Machine they hit one oiut of the park. <-- I honestly think they themselves liked the episode so much, they put some unpaid OT into it.
Agreed! I think that was an episode they had to get right to establish credibility. UC was another one they needed to knock out of the park -- but sadly didn't...Elaan of Troyius is another one that could have been better.

Their animation of the Klingon cruiser was truly a "WTF?" moment for me...
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