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Re: That's not MY ship...!

Dennis wrote: View Post
I didn't like the Enterprise D when I first saw it, but got to like it quite a bit.

I thought the Enterprise E was hideous at first, and still do.
Mm, yes. The clam shell design and the stealth enterprise, respectively.

The only concern I've ever had was whether the design was to my taste. Like Dennis, I needed to warm-up to the E-D. I never cared much for the E-E. The thing looked like it was gonna stab me then shoot a smart missile down my chimney.

As for the 'timeline affected' enterprise in the new film I am thrilled that it looks like the enterprise. The details are a matter of taste, it's still the same shape. I love that about the design, 'cause, hey, coulda been a clam shell.
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