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Re: That's not MY ship...!

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This is a topic I would love to see visited by those who were around in the early days of post-TOS Trek. It seems like, nowadays, the refit is the one ship that everyone considers to be beautiful. But I know that couldn't have always been the case. There had to be people who couldn't stand the many changes to the TOS model. I imagine we don't hear from them too much anymore because they fell out of fandom as the franchise rapidly changed, or they are just quiet after so many years of arguing the point.

If the latter is the case, I assure anyone that I, at least, will be most interested in what you have to say. As a 21 year old, I have never known a time before the Enterprise-D was on screen or the TOS movies were completed. The original 1701 was delightfully cheesy until I was old enough to appreciate its simple design on my own. A differing take on the refit would be most interesting.

As for myself, I've never had a problem with an Enterprise design, even the NX-01. It probably helps that I was unaware of the Akira when Enterprise premiered, but even now I can stomach the similarities to the Akira easily- it's only in their top-down profiles that they are the same, afterall. And knowing that the producers wanted to stick in the Akira wholesale makes me appreciate just how much love and effort went into Doug Drexler and the rest of the art department's efforts to de-evolve the ship into a passible pre-tos design that would make it past the suits. I could see why the D was sacrificed for the E- the E just has a better profile for movies. We see the D has a beautiful piece of design, but we're Trekkies. We understand the ships like the average movie-goer doesn't. From that perspective, the aerodynamic (yes, in a vacuum) shape of the E is much more appealling to the eye than the top-heavy D. It looks like it can go fast, and the fact that it is more reminiscent to the refit when filmed from certain angles probably makes the images shout "Star Trek".
I, for one, never had an issue with the refit. I found it far more pleasing visually as well as liking the improvements. It never bothered me that the TOS ship was changed so much. I grew so accustomed to this design, that I could not accept the E-D for many years.

This new ship, I'm not so sure about. Perhaps, in time, it will grow on me as well. I can't help but think that perhaps, in a sequel, we may see something a bit more familiar in regards to an upgrade or something.
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