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THOR-starts shooting Jan2010: Updates, Rumors & Casting till release

Thor to start shooting in January of 2010 for a 2011 release.

Kenneth Branagh has given an update on the progress of Thor, start of shooting being the biggest finally.
"Thor" is progressing. "We're planning that one. We're having a great time at the moment. We're in intense pre-production" says Branagh. "I shoot Thor in January of next year and because the time of release has been moved, it's allowed me to have a moment in the summer where I can shoot the Wallanders(TV series he was promoting when asked about Thor)...strangely, there's a weird, pleasing connection between the Swedish Wallander and the Nordic Thor."
"Wallander" co-star Tom Hiddleston is one of the potential candidates for the titular role - "he, amongst a number of others, has been part of the group we've spoken to and all that's still a work in progress" says Branagh.
I'm sure its no coincidence that Branagh was asked about Thor, or at least the account published now, when another Marvel property Wolverine just opened the summer season in a big way. Also Marvel released the first official publicity photo of Iron Man 2. Whether coordinated or not Marvel does a good way of having its properties out there in the public eye.

So, Thor? I know nothing of this Tom Hiddleston, anyone seen this Wallanders show? The last contender for the lead I'd heard was Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood.

Let's Discuss the progress on the movie and what it means towards the eventual Avengers movie as well.
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