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Re: Checkmate: A tale of the Klingon/Cardassian war

(I'm, going to post this very brief piece of Checkmate here, mostly to bump the thread but also because I quite like it, even if I do say so myself! I hope you enjoy and I will hopefully be posting more on here over the coming week)

Union’s Wraith wardroom: two prime hours before arrival of Cardassian fleet.

“ I said to the Breen, that wasn’t a cryptodagger!” At this the whole room burst into gales of hearty laughter. Ferengi humour was often an acquired taste, but Pok's joke had been just the thing to relieve the tension amongst the Cardassian officers.
Dijmas took another pull of his kanar and glanced around the wardroom. The other four Cardassians sat around the large table at the center of the room, each with a glass of kanar and a relaxed smile on their faces. This is how it should be, Dijmas thought. We Cardassians are social people driven by our intellects and need to connect to the greater whole. His own smile slipped from his face as he remembered the last few conversations that he had with his beloved grandfather regarding the Cardassia of centuries past from the time of the Founding to the glories of the Way...

Pah! Those days are long gone Dijmas, it is to the present that you must look. He pondered that thought for a scarce few seconds and found a sad logic to them.

Dijmas sternly forced his thoughts back towards the present and to his guests. Pok had just finished his fourth glass of kanar and the strong liquor had obviously left him in a high state of inebriation which amused his Cardassian hosts. The Gul had seen his men silently laughing at the Ferengi’s drunken ramblings, laughing at the short alien and his increasing slurred speech patterns. Naturally what Pok said next throw the whole roomful of Cardassians into proxies of consternation.

“I did notice something unusual on my way to this system, it seems that there are several fleets of Cardassian ships randomly warping all over the sector to no apparent end and I must admit to some confusion on my part, why would a race as ruthlessly well organised as the Cardassians waste time and resources on such an odd endeavor? After all you are not hew-mons are you?”

Unsurprisingly the Daimons voice was now clear of any pretence of inebriation and his eyes where now clear and calculating and he now looked around the room awaiting a response. Dijimas merely smiled politely and stated the bare simple fact to the Ferengi and his crew. “We are at war with the Klingon Empire.” The Daimon nodded sagely and seemed to appreciate the Guls forthright reply when Glinn Tavor whom obviously was not a regular Kanar drinker chose to speak up.
“Besides we could not let those Forehead scrum know exactly where the fleet is headed, it would spoil the surprise”. The young Glinn smiled wolfishly and turned to his fellow Central Command officers for support. It was immediately impressed upon him by the fixed stares of his fellow Cardassians and the wide grins of the Ferengi traders that he had spoken somewhat out of hand...
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