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Re: L&O: Criminal Intent 8x02 "Rock Star" - Jeff Goldblum debut

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Seeing Jeff Goldblum as a detective takes me back. The first thing I ever saw Goldblum in was Steven J. Cannell's Tenspeed and Brown Shoe back in 1980, wherein he played a detective alongside Ben Vereen. Well, actually he played an accountant (Brown Shoe) who wanted to be a PI, and Vereen was a con man (Tenspeed) who somehow ended up being his partner in a detective agency. Ooh, it'd be cool if they could get Ben Vereen to do a guest spot in one of Goldblum's episodes. Except I'm not sure enough people remember Tenspeed and Brown Shoe for that to happen.

I think they're trying too hard to make Goldblum's character quirky, but he's doing okay with it. I didn't care for the resolution of the mystery, though. They just sort of set the manager guy up to be a target for the suspected killer, then followed him and kind of accidentally stumbled into figuring out that he was the killer (or one of them). And I think Goldblum essentially arrested and handcuffed the guy before he had any actual evidence to tie him to the crimes, since I think it was only afterward that he searched the guy's pocket and found the murder weapon. (And why would the manager be so stupid as to keep a knife he'd used to murder someone????) That's pretty incoherent.
Well, he kept it because he was going to kill the other kid with the same knife, that's why he was meeting him there in the apartment.

Also I'm pretty sure the kid had admitted to killing the other guitarist for the manager because Goldblum put him in handcuffs. check the 2 minute replay again
Definitely liking Goldblum in the role, I think he's a bit quirky because that's what Goldblum does so well. That's his wheelhouse character and I'm glad that they've created Nichols like that.
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