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Re: That's not MY ship...!

I'm still pleasantly amazed at the number of refit elements that made it into the Abramsprise. Someone's been doing their homework when, really, they had every right not to. I appreciate those details. It might also imply that if the timeline is indeed changed, Abrams Trek is at a technological and engineering level that's above TOS but approaching the movies, therefore technology is slightly more advanced.

Anyway... I want to like the Ambassador. I really do. A midway design between the Excelsior and the Galaxy makes sense, but ultimately the ship feels like it really was designed as if the Galaxy came first and then trimmed down with a few Excelsior elements here and there. It doesn't feel like a true vessel in her own right, but rather just a slightly polished kitbash, in my opinion. Almost there, but not quite fit to carry the mantle of the Enterprise.
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