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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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Thank you both so much!! I am happy you like them!!

ITL, you should see my work when i first started....actually... I would prefur if you didn't... HAHAHAHA I have worked in PS for almost.......10 years now... and I still think half of my work is crap.... it just take time to get use to it, and practice, practice, practice.
Is Photoshop easy to use? I use Paint Shop Pro X2 and from what I hear, Photoshop has a lot more tools. I'm too cheap to buy it, but I was just curious.

By the way, don't be modest. You do an excellent job. With your permission, I'd like to save a couple of these as wallpapers, but only if you're okay with it first.

Oh, and don't let ITL fool you either. If you need a spectacular space vista for a message board, a gorgeous mesh of science and fantasy, that is the person for the job, too!


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