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Re: Sombrero Revolution!

Jeez! What's with the uniform/costume hate? Don't sports fans go to games in their team shirts and caps? Don't some of them paint themselves in team colors? Don't some of them wear outlandish and bizarre stuff that the news media somehow always seem to find irresistable?
Don't Star Wars fans dress like characters for movie openings?
Don't Bond fans go to bars all around the world and annoy the, um, "Living Daylights" out of bartenders by ordering martinis, "shaken, not stirred"?

Let go of the uniform-hate, my Droogies! There is nothing to fear from costumed fans. Just, y'know, don't go to work in one. 'Cause that's kind of weird.

However, I cannot deny the obvious multi-cultural mystique of the Sombrero and its almost hypnotic power to quell extreme emotions and inspire feelings of peace and Serenity (now THERE was a tv series movie made with a big budget that respected its own canon!--i digress).

Sombreros. I hear the chicks dig 'em.
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