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Sombrero Revolution!

Dear Fellow Trekkies,Trekkers and Star Trekkians

The time has come for us to make the difference!

Please NO ONE WILL GO with a FANCY or UGLY star trek uniform, instead we will take a SOMBRERO!

You may ask yourself... WHY?!

Its quite simple;

If YOU were anal retentive fan obsessed with continuity, you would dress up in a ugly garage-made uniform thinking you look sharp on that piece of garbage.
Why not try a sombrero?

Put a nice sombrero on, accepting that maybe STAR TREK has taken itself to seriously in the last decade and a good old sombrero might just do the trick.

Use the sombrero to show how much fun you have been having and invite others to cheer up using sombreros which looks like the shippie that the cap'n commands!

The sombrero is your friend, you must not deny the chance to look good at the premiere!

And last but not least, if you don't have a nice sombrero, then get a wide brim hat, it's always hip to support the Sombrero and the Sombreroprise.

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