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Re: That's not MY ship...!

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So let's hear it. Have you ever felt like a 'new' ship, any of them, from refit to XI, didn't 'belong' in Trek? If so, which ones, and why?
It's never gone so far for me as thinking any ship didn't belong. I was never wild about the 1701-D and still am not, but it's part of Trek. I liked the Defiant, have no quibble at all with Voyager and think the NX-01 looks great. (I had no idea there was any such thing as the Akira class before I got here, but learning about it later didn't diminish the NX-class design for me one bit.)

The one which gave the the "what did they do that for?" feeling was the refit in TMP. I got over it pretty quickly, of course, and suffered no lasting trauma, but the high regard many other people have expressed and continue to express for that design is something I've never felt. Sure, it's got some pretty features, but I couldn't ever quite manage to see the whole as an improvement over the original 1701.
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