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Re: STXI DVD/Blu-ray special features wishlist

Tour of the Enterprise, we are taken around the ship by JJ and Old Spock, and it is filmed as if it was a one continuous shot style feature, to make the ship feel connected and real.

Brief tours of Starfleet Academy, the Simulator and key departments on the USS Kelvin.

A Talk and demonstration of the new Computer Interface with Mike Okuda and the new designer.

Behind the Scenes docs

An in depth Trekkie conversational piece about what changed in the timeline

Demonstration of the bridge sets in various alert modes, and as it is rocked on its gimbles, as well as various scene deconstructions, with the VFX teams discussing how they put together key moments of the film.

A feature with JJ, Orci, Lindoff (spl?) and the main cast, discussing their favourite episodes/movies of Star Trek, from all the incarnations.
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