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Re: That's not MY ship...!

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My only concern about the new ship was how it would contradict a continuity with what has gone on before. I find I really have to push the bounds of plausibility to say that this is the same ship that we saw all those years on TOS.
You do know that this is a nu-universe right? this isn't supposed to be the ''original'' ship.
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I realize that now. However, months ago, it seemed less certain, at least to me if it would be a genuine reboot, or if they were simply trying to do a prequel. There was a part of me that thought they were trying to pass it as the "original" ship. I know better now. Including Leonard Nimoy in the film also served to cloud this issue for me. As a brand-new ship, I think it looks fine. I think it would have actually passed for the upgraded Enterprise in TMP, if they had gone this way.
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