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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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Just wanted to mention that I like the creation of the pictures of Trek characters apparently living lives outside of Trek. I enjoy extending the universe outwards, and these pictures are a great way to do that. So thank you all.
Agreed. I like the idea of real private lives between the characters.
I love the idea of any series crew meeting up for a lunch or dinner together either in a sidewalk cafe or high style restaurant. I don't know, it just adds a touch of realism that is appreciated.

And you also love fantasizing about a half naked Neelix surrounded by vegetables too?
Excuse me?
I'm going to suggest that you dial it back just a little bit. You're coming across, at least to me, as someone who is trying to poke and prod, to cause a negative reaction. Being as new as you are, it's not a wise idea.

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