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Re: That's not MY ship...!

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My only concern about the new ship was how it would contradict a continuity with what has gone on before. I find I really have to push the bounds of plausibility to say that this is the same ship that we saw all those years on TOS.
You do know that this is a nu-universe right? this isn't supposed to be the ''original'' ship.
Praetor wrote: View Post

Now, I grew up on TNG, the first six films, and TOS, so for me, the original 1701, refit, Excelsior, and Enterprise-D were all equally valid ships to fly the Trek flag. I understand that the refit met with some misgivings at the time, that many fans were upset with the prospect of Excelsior becoming Kirk's new ship in the films, and the D was viewed variously as 'too big' or 'disproporitionate' or whatever, and therefore each met with some controversy at the time of their introduction that was before my time, so I'd quite like to hear about that.

So let's hear it. Have you ever felt like a 'new' ship, any of them, from refit to XI, didn't 'belong' in Trek? If so, which ones, and why?
Praetor, you and I must be near the same age range because I too grew up with just TNG & the TOS movies! Also I don't think I ever thought of a starfleet TREK ship as ever being out of place or strange. Now the Klingon d-7 type battlecrusier in the ENT ep unexpected WAS deffinatly out of place, but other then that NO!

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