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That's not MY ship...!

The recent argument regarding fan reaction to the redesign of the Enterprise for XI has made me ponder the past reactions to 'redesigns' of the ship. (And if you decide to mention that here, don't forget the spoiler code!!)

Now, I grew up on TNG, the first six films, and TOS, so for me, the original 1701, refit, Excelsior, and Enterprise-D were all equally valid ships to fly the Trek flag. I understand that the refit met with some misgivings at the time, that many fans were upset with the prospect of Excelsior becoming Kirk's new ship in the films, and the D was viewed variously as 'too big' or 'disproporitionate' or whatever, and therefore each met with some controversy at the time of their introduction that was before my time, so I'd quite like to hear about that.

I imagine there may be some who disliked the Cardassian architecture of DS9, or the 'warship' that was the Defiant, or the Voyager (which is one of my all-time favorites.) And of course, I'm not a fan of the reasons behind the destruction of the D and it's replacement with the E, even though I like the E, and I certainly wasn't fond of the NX-01 when I first saw it mostly because of the resemblance to the Akira class, but have grown to like it.

So let's hear it. Have you ever felt like a 'new' ship, any of them, from refit to XI, didn't 'belong' in Trek? If so, which ones, and why?
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