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Re: Discovery Kids to become GI Joe/Transformers Channel (kind of)

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Well, I hope it's in the TF:A continuity and from the same creators. Aside from the Beast duology, TF:A is the only Transformers show I've ever gotten into.
Me too. Well, I like G1, because I liked it when I was a kid and the characters are iconic, but I know it's not a genuinely good show, which Animated really is.

I think the Movie toys are selling a lot better than the Animated ones though, so I wouldn't hold your breath - and this season is over in three weeks, with a two-parter entitled "Endgame".

Then again, Hasbro must have been paying attention to the positive reactions that Animated has garnered, so they might go with the same creative team, even if the show is in a different continuity.
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