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How about a captain Pike(bruce Greenwood) series?

It would be away to do a new show while also tying it to the success of the new movie. I could see them doing 3 different things with a Pike series.

1 His adventures as the captain of the Enterprise. Maybe you could even get Quinto as Spock but even if you can't do that you don't have to worry since your talking about a new universe and thus it won't be a canon violation if you don't have Spock there.

2 See what he did after stepping down as Captain. Perhaps he doesn't end up in a wheel chair in this timeline. Might be fun to see him in charge of Starfleet Academy or you could have him retire from Starfleet and do a Firefly type of show or maybe have him part of a Starfleet Inteligence type of show.

3 Have him explore Talos with the girl he meets in "The Cage". Perhaps there are other humans and aliens on this planet as well. It would be sort of a "Lost" type of show with a Trek twist. This wierd alien planet filled with exotic aliens and sophisitcated technolgy not to mention the ability to create illusions.

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