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Re: Just saw "The Cage" on TOSR- Help me out here...the Keeper's voice

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If I have my facts correct, the Frankenstein version of "The Cage" was shown on television for the first time
No, the b/w & color compile was a direct-to-video release. Then the lost color negatives were found. Then the all-color restored version was aired on TV, as part of "From One Saga To the Next", to kick off Season 2 of TNG, and then was released on VHS.
Well, not exactly. The early b/w & color compile was not just a direct to video release in 1986. While the all-color version was indeed aired as part of the special "The Star Trek Saga: From One Generation to the Next" in October of 1988 to kick off TNG's second season, it was actually about two full years before that--shortly before the black and white copy Frankenstein version was released on VHS (and to help promote its release and sale)--that this b/w & color complie with Gene Roddenberry's special introduction "Star Trek: The Unseen Pilot" was made available to local stations and was actually aired in some markets. If I recall correctly, I watched this b/w & color complie in September of 1986 on KTLA (Channel 5) in Los Angeles as part of a Star Trek 20 year celebration--well before Furmanek even found the color versions of the excised "Cage" pieces--and a year before The Next Generation premiered.

FYI: US commercial VHS release contained a single episode per tape and tapes were issued in production order. (The b/w & color compliation version of "The Cage" was #1, "Where No Man..." was #2, "Corbomite..." was #3, etc. When a full color version of "The Cage" became possible after color footage was found (after the VHS releases were already out on the market), the new full-color version of "The Cage" was given a somewhat arbitary number in the series of "#99."

So, at any rate, we seem to be saying pretty much the same thing--except that you're saying that I'm wrong and that the "Direct-To-Video" version was never aired on television. I say it actually was aired in some places shortly before it was released to the general public on VHS.
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