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O-Town, Part V

“Your leg should be fine, Ensign Wildman.” The Doctor said as he ran the osteo regenerator down Samantha Wildman’s right leg.

“Thank you Doctor.” Samantha replied.

Ensign Kim groaned slightly from the next biobed as Samantha cast a worried glance in his direction, “Will he be alright?”

“He sustained a serious loss of blood from those creatures that attacked him.” The Doctor said, “I’ve put him under sedation to heal.”

Captain Kathryn Janeway walked into Sickbay just then and said, “Report, Doctor.”

“I have fifteen wounded crewmen. Four, including Mr. Kim, seriously injured.” the Doctor replied.

“Keep me posted.” Janeway ordered as she passed the biobed where Lieutenant Nicoletti was gingerly sitting up.

“At ease lieutenant.” Janeway said, “How are you holding up?”

“I’m doing fine, ma’am.” Nicoletti replied.

“Hang in there. This isn’t over yet, but I’ll get us through it.” Janeway replied.

“Captain...” B’Elanna said as she sat up when Janeway approached her biobed.

“At ease B’Elanna.” Janeway replied, “How are you holding up?”

“I’ve felt better.” B’Elanna replied.

“Good job locking down Engineering.” Janeway replied.

“Thank you Captain.” B’Elanna replied.

Janeway headed over to the Doctor, “Keep me posted.”

“Yes Captain.” the Doctor replied before Janeway left Sickbay escorted by two security officers with phaser rifles.

As she walked down the corridors back to the bridge Chakotay came up to her.

“Report.” Janeway replied.

“Security teams are still sweeping the ship room by room for any more Heartless.” Chakotay began.

“Damage?” Janeway asked.

“So far no damage to any primary or secondary systems. Thank God B’Elanna was able to lock down Engineering the way she did and security responded as well as it did too.” Chakotay replied.

“Anything else?” Janeway replied.

“There appear to be several Heartless ships around the anomaly. Even if the Flyer does get back through it’s going to have to run a gauntlet.” Chakotay replied.


Marty McFly tossed and turned atop the hard wooden bench in his cell. There was no way in hell this would ever be a comfortable sleeping arrangement. Sore muscles, knots, and the fact that Biff and his crew and the walking oil slick were holding him captive all played a role in this.

He woke up just in time to hear voices outside the cell. He glanced outside to see two large anthromoprhic bulls in black leather dragging an anthromorphic steer between them, wearing the same German themed clothes the rest of those sausage worshiping weirdos that captured him wore. Yelling at the steer was an anthromorphic tick bird with white feathers.

“We don’t eat pizza here, brother. We don’t get tired of sausage. We love sausage! If you can’t love sausage as much as we do, you can go plow the sauerkraut field then!” the tickbird shouted.

The cell door was opened and the steer was shoved inside. Marty glanced at the steer. “Why are they throwing one of their guys in jail?”

“I didn’t conform to their ways. I got tired of sausage and they threw me in jail...” the steer said.

“Oh that sucks.” Marty remarked.

“That happened when this mean guy called Biff and his three goons and this weird walking oil slick showed up.” he said.

“Biff? Oh no. He must want to find the flux capacitor.” Marty said.

“The what?” the steer said.

“It’s a long story.” Marty replied, “Let’s just say it has a direct bearing on why I’m hear right now.” Marty replied.

“Oh...” the steer replied before he introduced himself, “My name’s Heffer.”

“Marty.” Marty replied.

It was then that the Match, sporting his trademark match and cowboy hat, flanked by the two massive bulls that had dragged Heffer into the cell, appeared. The cell door was opened and the bulls seized Marty before dragging him from the cell and locking it behind them after they left.

They dragged Marty through the detention facility till they took him to a small room. Sitting at a desk was Skinhead. Across from him was what looked like a dentist’s chair but had several different restraints in it. After Marty struggled fruitlessly for a few minutes the bulls strapped him in.

Match rose from the desk with a leather satchel under his left arm. He unrolled the satchel and several wicked looking instruments could be glimpsed. Marty gulped audibly.

“Now, Marty,” Skinhead started, “I’ve got a few questions for you as you might gather. They concern the time machine...”

“It might be a good idea to answer honestly, kid.” Match replied. He hoped Skinhead was only displaying those instruments and wasn’t going to use them.

Skinhead took a clear liquid from a bottle and poured it into a glass beaker. It smelled like some sort of acidic compound.

“I don’t know where the flux capacitor is...” Marty said.

Skinhead plugged in a soldering iron which began to glow white hot within a few minutes. “His left shoe.” Skinhead commanded.

Christ. What was this guy thinking? Was he seriously gonna do it? Match had done some illegal things in his time with Biff, ranging from small time jobs as a teenager to getting rid of the bodies of some of Biff’s opponents, namely one George McFly, but the idea of torturing someone. After what Armus had done to him...Match shuddered.

One of the bulls removed Marty’s left shoe and sock and Match promptly took the soldering iron and shoved it between Marty’s big toe and it’s neighbor. The stench of burning flesh filled the room and acrid electric smoke mixed in. The crackling and burning sound was accompanied by a loud scream of pain from Marty.

Match felt nausea coming on as Skinhead withdrew the soldering iron. Jesus. Was he seriously enjoying himself? Skinhead’s face took on a weirdly gleeful look.

“I really don’t want to make my friend here sick to the stomach.” Skinhead said, “So I ask again, where is the flux capacitor...”

“Go to hell you son of a...” Marty began before one of the bulls backhanded him.

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Skinhead said as he dipped a medicine dropper into the glass beaker and put a drop onto Marty’s burn, “Here’s a little salt in the wound.”

Marty let out another scream as drops of the caustic alkali compound touched his seared flesh.

“I ask again, where is the flux capacitor.” Skinhead said.

“Come on, answer him, it would mean a lot less pain for you kid...” Match replied.

“Look. I don’t know where the flux capacitor is.” Marty replied.

The soldering iron was shoved between the next two toes and more screaming could be heard.

The sound of a large object hitting the front gates could be heard just then...

“What’s that?” one of the bulls asked his buddy.

“Beats me.” the other replied.


“Paris to Team B.” came the voice over Celes’ commbadge.

“Celes here, go ahead.” Tal replied.

“I’ve isolated the flux capacitor to the following area.” Paris said, “I’m transmitting them to you now.”

“I’ve got it.” Celes replied, “Unfortunately it’s localized to a six kilometer radius.”

“Then we’ll have to split up.” Clara began.

“Forget it.” Henry replied.

“We could cover more ground that way.” Telfer suggested.

“Yeah but it’s also more dangerous out here. Safety in numbers and all.” Henry replied.

“Biff’s probably sent a search party looking for the Flux Capacitor too and finding it before they do is important.” Celes replied.

Henry mulled for a moment before saying, “Right. We’ll split up. Celes you go with Clara. Telfer you’re with me. We’ll keep an open commlink. If anything looks iffy I’ve pre-rigged an emergency beamout into the Delta Flyer.”

“Good idea.” Celes replied.

The two groups moved towards their respective search locations.


To be continued. Up next, the rescue attempt and the away team sustains a casualty...
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