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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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Damn!!!! Love it!! Love it!!!

This is what I have in mind for this one.

Hugh Laurie is 'Dr. Samuel Solomon, Chief Medical Officer - U.S.S. Vonnegut'. The only thing The Klingon Empire fears more than death by old age. Stationed to a (formerly) 'Neutral Zone' outpost during The Dominion War, Soloman developed a reputation that's visibly intimidated (and somewhat nauseated) a certain Jem Hadar on DS9. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Raised there by his parents until four years of age. Lived mainly in Chicago Illinois, until his parents' assignment to the Excelsior-Class U.S.S. Churchill, until its decomissioning and he attended Starfleet Academy.

No 'old southern country doctor', he'll readily kill a patient (or anyone / anything unfortunate enough to be standing nearby,) just to illustrate a medical point. He's a key player in the research being done on Ketracel White to remove its addictive traits, to free the Jem Hadar from The Founders. Secondly, researching how certain Vorta avoid dying from being "copies of a copy" of one another.

He was assigned to the U.S.S. Vonnegut as James T. Kirk's newest C.M.O. after he was rejected for the same position on the U.S.S. Mandela in favor of Dr. Pulaski. He has had a career-long fascination with Transporter Duplicate Thomas Riker and aims to someday unlock the key to the accident of his creation.

Graduated two years behind Beverley Crusher at Starfleet Medical.

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