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Re: Just saw "The Cage" on TOSR- Help me out here...the Keeper's voice

If I have my facts correct, the Frankenstein version of "The Cage" was shown on television for the first time and released on VHS back in 1986. This was the version that took the nice, clean "Cage" footage that was used in "The Menagerie" and incorporated it with crappy black and white with lousy sound footage pulled from Roddenberry's 16 mm working print. Shortly after that, Bob Furmanek, in 1987, found the pieces that had been cut out from "The Cage" in making "The Menagerie." Unfortunately, all he found was negatives without any sound. So, it was possible to make a full color version of all of "The Cage"--but those few non-"Menagerie" scenes, although now in color, would still have the old crappy sound. But the Keeper's voice in those two "Cage"-only scenes (Malachi Throne) was digitally monkeyed with (amazing what we can do nowadays) to make it sound higher pitched--like Vic Perrin's overdubs in the rest of the Menagerie. But when you listen to the few "Cage-only" scenes, there's clearly poor quality sound with a great deal of hiss.

Both versions (the Frankenstein version with black-and-white footage with Malachi Throne's deep voice and the all color version using the "recently" found color footage with the same old black and white *sound* but tricked up to sound like Malachi Throne) are available on the original DVDs (two episodes per disc) and the "old" Third Season boxed set and the "new" Third Season Remastered boxed set.

And, of course, you can still hear Malachi Throne's voice as the Keeper in one quick scene in the "Scenes from Next Week" for "The Menagerie, Part 2."
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