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Re: USS DRAKE - My own design!

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Here it is!
Okay, let me play "professor" here. Note that, obviously, all this is made-up (from ANY of us) so there's no "right" or "wrong" way to do it, really. But I hope that you'll take this as what it's intended to be... helpful.

As I look at this ship, the first thing that comes to my mind is "what makes it a science vessel?" I see some general shapes, but nothing that says "this is a vessel with a specific purpose."

So, what, exactly, is this ship supposed to be able to do? What specializations does it have that makes it more capable of doing that than a ship of some other class might be able to do? Does it have some form of specialized sensors? If so, would we be able to see this on the exterior of the ship? Does it have lots of internal laboratory space? If so, are these just "regular cabins" which are converted into labs, or are these big specialized spaces (like they had on Regula One, for instance?)

As I look at this ship, I get a very FASA-like feel (and unlike with some folks around here, that's not necessarily a negative when I say it!).

But... for me, when I see a ship with a specific purpose, I'd like to think that I could guess that purpose without being told. A ship with lots of torpedo tubes and phasers is probably a battleship. A ship with a small crew hull, relatively large powerplant and engine set, is most likely a fast scout or a courier. A ship with big "warehouse spaces" evident is most likely a cargo carrier. A ship with lots of high-powered sensor emplacements is most likely a science vessel or a surveillance vessel. And so on and so on.

So... what makes this a science vessel?
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