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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Real Life (***)

It's amazing how the little things annoy me. During the final scene where Belle dies, Dr Kenneth Shmully (henceforth known as K-Shmull) pulls out a tricorder and spends ten seconds scanning her to check that's she's really dead. I found that distracting and it ruined a great emotional scene, so it lessened the impact of the death. Combined with the fact that we'll never see K-Shmull's family again and the episode doesn't even think about addressing the impact of this death beyond the final scene, this episode loses some of its power.

But overall I found it to be pretty good, K-Shmull and his family at the beginning made for some humorous scenes, and his attempts to relate with his family after B'Elanna changes the program make for some good character moments for K-Shmull. I found most of this episode enjoyable.

Then there's the b-plot where Voyager encounters blah blah blah and explores blah blah blah shuttle gets stuck blah blah blah moose testicles blah blah blah blah. To be fair, this weird sci-fi plot didn't annoy me too much, and the special effects were cool so the shallow side of my brain enjoyed the pretty colours. It was standard fare as far as sci-fi plots go and it at least tried to tie into K-Shmull's story at the end.
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